Russian fighter Peter Yang, who plays in the UFC bantamweight champion, recently became the top contender for the championship fight against Henry Cejudo. It has already begun between the fighters in the conflict „Twitter“, but the reigning champion in no hurry to take the call. whether the fight will take place, and if so, when – in our material.


 1. Jan – Henry Cejudo: the battle for the title is not far away 2. Jan Peter – Henry Cejudo, when, and who will win the battle 3. Henry Cejudo – Jan Forecast

 Yang – Henry Cejudo: the battle for the title is not far off

 Russian athlete Peter Yang just a year and a half has made contact with the top 3 of the lightest weight. Now to his credit six fights in the UFC, all he got a landslide victory, three of them finished by knockout. The last fight was against Russian Hall of Fame member organization Uriah Faber at UFC 245. The meeting ended after 43 seconds of the third round knockout. After the victory of the Russians called to fight the current champion of the division Henry Cejudo. Peter Yang continued his calls to „Twitter“.

 Go back to the training room or vacate the belt ???????????? ♂️

 – Petr „No Mercy“ Yan (@PetrYanUFC) January 17, 2020

 In particular, No Mercy repeatedly called the current champion in two weight categories clown and urged to leave the zone, if he does not want to defend it. Henry Cejudo himself really shirk the fight with Ian, preferring him to meet with José Aldo, who at UFC 245 was defeated by Marlon Moraes. This was the second loss in a row for the first issue of the once pound-for-pound. On the whole, after the defeat of Conor McGregor, Jose was not able to go up to his previous level and has won all three fights of eight.

 This is the main complaint, which stated Peter Yang against Henry Cejudo. Russian believes that it is more suited to the role of challenger. However, Henry Cejudo coach said that Henry would not do. And there are good reasons. The current champ fears No Mercy. He has only recently recovered from a shoulder injury and is gaining shape. Immediately after that, he clearly does not want to test yourself in a serious competitive fight. It is easier to fight against the demoralized Aldu, who also acts not in its own division.

 Despite this, most likely fight Peter Yang – Henry Cejudo will be held before the end of this year. And we will now explain why.

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 Peter Yang – Henry Cejudo, when, and who will win the battle

 Henry is now one of the top UFC stars, he holds two belts champion in two different weight classes. However, at the request of a fighter, he does not hurry to return to flyweight, which means that soon he will have to face with Ian. Peter is now the most successful avenue in the division, the third ranking number.

 Fight with Aldu fans perceive normal. Still, Jose – the legend of the organization. But more needs to be a serious opponent. Who! Moraes (first division) was knocked out by Henry Cejudo. Sterling (second in the ranking) Moraes was beaten and sent to a knockout. It remains only to Yang.

 Especially in the fight against Henry Cejudo Peter John will be a great story, which has already begun to implement the Russians. Peter, in the best traditions of McGregor uses every opportunity to achieve a championship fight. It resonates, and he, in turn, interest UFC fans, but it can not help but notice Dana White. Battle to be.

 First, Henry Cejudo get his victory over Aldu, finally sending the veteran to retire. Then, gaining confidence to face Ian, where he will lose his belt.

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 Henry Cejudo – Jan Forecast

 Yes, it may sound strange, but it is likely to lose Henry’s younger and higher Petra. Henry is really good, it is the Olympic champion, he has a great cardio and heavy blow, but it’s not perfect. Ian is best in the rack, he had great timing, boxing and endurance.

 The strongest party in Henry Cejudo is considered to be a struggle, but the statistics show that he rarely uses it, relying more on the heavy blows and wearing down the opponent. Moreover, the number of successful takedown reigning champion is far from the leadership. And the struggle, in addition to control, gives nothing to the American, as the years of participation in MMA, he never learned to pain.

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 One year ago today, I saved an entire division. Happy anniversary flyweights you can sleep in peace! – Triple C #bendtheknee

 The publication by Henry Cejudo (@henry_cejudo)

 19 Yanv 2020 at 6:31 PST

 What can be said about Ian. Peter has the best anthropometry. His stamina speak positively of his sparring partners in Thailand, he is one of the best boxing in the UFC. It is well protected from the translation to the ground and has a serious arsenal of techniques.

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